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From Joe Grassel <>
Subject Another FetchPlan question
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 23:28:45 GMT
The reset method did the trick, thank you very much.

I do have another question:  I have 2 entities, Employee and Manager, and Manager extends
Employee, implementing the single table entity inheritance approach.  Employee has a M:1 relationship
with Manager, so by inheritance, a Manager can have a Manager, and so on.  Now, I've set recursion
depth to 1, and find() returns the target Employee just fine, and its Manager is also available.
 However, to my surprise, the Manager's Manager is also available.  Is recursion depth sensitive
only to the end Entity type, or should be it sensitive to the Entity-type that declares the
relationship?  It looked like it treated Manager as a completely different entity with regards
to recursion depth.

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