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From "David Ezzio (asmtp)" <>
Subject Re: Can we allow somewhat larger attachments for OpenJPA user mailing list ( ?
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 14:59:11 GMT
Hi Joe,

I have no idea.  If I attach a zip file it barfs.  If I rename it to a 
somename.zippy, it barfs.  But I haven't tried anything else.  The zip 
file in question is about 12 kb.  The returned message is always about 
the mail being spam.  I've tried a number of SMTP servers, and mailing 
return addresses.  The same message without attachment is just fine.

In addition, at least one other user has noticed the same or very 
similar problem.

I don't think there is a virus in my zip, as my system is scanned twice 
a week, with full protection running all the time.  It's very unusual 
that Norton AntiVirus, etc. finds anything, and I avoid the Microsoft 
virus vectors like the plague.


Joe Schaefer wrote:
> "David Ezzio (asmtp)" <> writes:
>> Currently the users mailing list won't permit attachments greater than about
>> 5k.  This is quite small, and discourages the exchange of files. Can we make it
>> somewhat larger, say 25-50k?
> % cat msgsize
> 1000000:2
> So the size seems to be capped at 1M, not 5K.  Are you sure it's size
> that's the critical factor, and not mime-type?

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