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From "Roytman, Alex" <>
Subject Please Help: Kodo wraps JDOUserException jdoPreStore() with FatalDataStoreException forcing transaction rollback
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 18:47:22 GMT
Hello everyone,

I noticed that at some point in Kodo 3.x its behavior changed. Now it catches any exception
including JDOUserException thrown in jdoPreStore() and wraps it in FatalDataStoreException
which forces transaction rollback and preventing further retry.

JDOUserException is a retriable exception according to specs while FatalDataStoreException
is not. This change of JDO exception type makes it completely impossible to retry JDOUserException
thrown in jdoPreStore() since the transaction is automatically rolled back.

It causes severe functionality loss as most of the model consistency can be only enforced
on store (when all the changes have been done) and now any validation JDOUserException thrown
in jdoPerStore() causes immediate rollback with no chance to fix the issue and recommit

I struggled for a month with BEA official support but they do not even want (able to?) to
look into it seriously and try to convince me that it functions as expected. I tried to reason
that JDOUserException is defined as retriable but to no avail

Thank you

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