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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: Latest draft for review: OpenJPA is graduated to Top Level Project
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 20:54:51 GMT
Hi Craig, and other OpenJPA folks,

On 6/5/07, Craig L Russell <> wrote:
> I'm new to this, so please forgive the newbie questions. I've copied
> the public openjpa dev list -- hope this is ok.

Don't worry about "newbie" questions.  The PRC is here to help ;)

Also don't worry about CCing the project dev list on issues of such a
non-personal nature.  One of the PRC's hopes is to make the broader
Apache community more knowledgeable about press releases, so informing
committers, even indirectly, is a Good Thing.

> It seems like this announcement can go directly to the
> mailing list.

Yup, no problem there.

> But if I want to release a real
> press release, what else do I need to do except write it and submit
> it to prc@a.o? I can find examples of "graduation press releases" but
> is there a template that can give me a head start?

There's no precise template, because every press release is somewhat
different.  That said, I think we're working on guidelines and
hopefully we'll have them available soon ;)

To get a "real" press release out, you need to send it to us, work
with us on correcting any issues that arise, and once consensus is
reached, just sit back and relax ;)

I think the press release draft is quite good overall.  My comments
about the press release are inline below.  Writing press releases,
like all writing, is a form of art.  As such, it's largely a matter of
personal style.  My comments are just suggestions, not criticism of
any kind.


> > I'm pleased to announce that the incubator has recommended, and the
> > Apache board has accepted, a resolution to create the OpenJPA Top
> > Level Project.

You need a headline, like "Apache OpenJPA Graduates From Incubator" or
what not.

Then I would follow up with a one-sentence summary of the project
slunk into your sentence above.  This can be thought of as a
sub-headline, or an HTML <h2>.  Maybe something along these lines:
"Apache Board accepts new top-level project to implement Java Persistence API"

> > OpenJPA is a project that implements Object Relational Mapping, and
> > currently implements the standard JCP JSR-220 Java Persistence API
> > (JPA). The latest release passes the JCP TCK for JSR-220 100%,
> > meaning it is fully compliant with the standard.

We like the first reference to the project to be prefixed with
"Apache," so the above paragraph should start with "Apache OpenJPA"

> > OpenJPA is based on a contribution by BEA of the mapping engine and
> > JPA interface from the popular Kodo project. In an interesting
> > turnabout, the latest release of Kodo is now dependent on OpenJPA.

This is interesting, but I think it belongs further down the press
release.  Your following paragraph, about the growth and
diversification in the OpenJPA community, is far more important I

> > During its incubation at Apache, OpenJPA has attracted support from
> > a diverse set of contributors, committers, and users from
> > independent individuals and companies, including several Apache
> > projects. The project has learned how to govern itself and has
> > produced two releases while in incubation.

So maybe a combination, like "Starting with an initial code grant from
BEA, the OpenJPA project has since attracted a diverse..." (the rest
of your paragraph unchanged).

> > To assist in developing OpenJPA applications, plugin modules are
> > available for the maven software project management and
> > comprehension tool. Other plugins for popular IDE's and development
> > tools are being developed.

You probably want to capitalize Maven, and call it Apache Maven for
good measure.  If you have examples of IDEs or other plugins, such as
Eclipse or IDEA or what not, you can mention them by name as well.
Reporters and others scanning for press releases related to their
favorite IDE will then see your press release too.

> > Many other projects have now adopted OpenJPA to provide the Object
> > Relational Mapping for their needs, including Apache ActiveMQ, BEA
> > Kodo, BEA WebLogic Server, Apache Camel, Apache Geronimo, Apache
> > Ode, Apache OpenEJB, and IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Excellent.  I would move the "we're planning version 1.0 soon" line
from above to this paragraph about users of OpenJPA.

> > links:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > 2Fproducts%2Fweblogic%2F
> >
> > weblogic/kodo/
> >
> > was61ejb3/
> >
> >
> >

Jeez ;)  I don't think all these links are needed.  I would keep only
the first two: the project's web site and the specification it


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