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From Michael Bouschen <>
Subject Error building openjpa-kernel on windows
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 14:03:51 GMT

just a heads up:

I tried building openjpa-kernel on windows and ran into a javacc 
problem. The source generated by the compiler generation tool includes 
the name of the generated file with its path:
/*@bgen(jjtree) Generated By:JJTree: Do not edit this line. 


Please note, because I'm running it on windows the path separator is a 
backslash and my home directory is c:\users\michael. But \u has a 
special meaning (unicode escape) even within comments. This means the 
generated source does not compile and results in a java.lang.Error: 
Invalid escape character at line 1 column 64. This is a known problem 
with javac and there is already an issue filed for this:

There is a simple workaround:
Make sure the path name of the generated file does not include any 
directory starting with a "u". So I moved my workspace to a directory 
different from c:\users\michael (e.g. c:\projects) and could build 

Regards Michael

Tech@Spree Engineering GmbH  Tel.: +49/(0)30/235 520-33
Buelowstr. 66                Fax.: +49/(0)30/217 520-12
10783 Berlin       
Geschaeftsfuehrung: Dr. Gerhard Mueller-Proefrock
                    Anna-Kristin Proefrock
Sitz Berlin, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, HRB 564 52 

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