I believe that I am having the same problem as Praveen. I am also getting the message "

406 simplewineTour WARN [main] openjpa.Enhance - Type "class com.ibm.websphere.sample.jpawinetour.simple.xml.GrapeVariety" has no metadata; enhancing as persistence aware."

for all of the classes in my ormap.xml file when I run PCEnhancer manually from eclipse. If I change the PU to specify classes instead of the ormap.xml, enhancement goes fine. This seemed to start with revision 536001 which I picked up on 5/9/2007 and has continued since. If I go to an earlier openjpa-all-0.9.8-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar, enhancing using the ormap.xml works. Also at that time I was able to replace PCEnhancer.java with revision 532805 and after a maven rebuild, enhancement using the ormap.xml file worked. Now under the 1.0.0-snapshot, that revision is not available.

The persistence.xml and simpleWineTourXmlOrMap.xml files are in directory jpa.MyWineSample/bin/META-INF where jpa.MyWineSample is my project name.