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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject [DISCUSS] draft Incubator graduation request
Date Sun, 06 May 2007 22:58:32 GMT

The following is a draft request for the Incubator PMC to graduate  
OpenJPA to TLP status. The request will be in the form of a VOTE to  
recommend the board resolution (minor tweaks are being discussed in a  
parallel thread).

Please review and comment. I'll incorporate comments as I receive  
them, but expect to send the request to the Incubator a few days  
after getting the last comment, to be sure everyone can comment on  
the comments. The earliest would be Wednesday 9-May-2007.


Dear Incubator,

The OpenJPA podling respectfully requests the Incubator to consider  
its graduation to a Top Level Project. Please vote on recommending  
the attached draft board resolution.

[ ] +1 Recommend to the board to establish Apache OpenJPA
[ ] -1 Do not recommend establishing Apache OpenJPA because...

Over the past several months the OpenJPA community has grown from a  
single large donation to a diverse community of contributors and  
users. OpenJPA meets the technical requirements for diversity, with  
committers from three and PPMC members from four independent  

Committers from other Apache projects have not only used the  
incubating releases as dependencies in their projects but provided  
patches to OpenJPA as well.

The OpenJPA community prepared and voted out two releases performed  
by different release managers.

The community readily agreed on the bike-shed issues of code  
formatting and indentation, and there has been no resurrection of  
these issues. The community had issues with commit-then-review versus  
review-then-commit and resolved them win-win. Most recently, a public  
issue regarding the proposed charter of the TLP was resolved.

During the process of incubation, the PPMC learned how to govern  
itself, voting in new committers and PPMC members.

Mentors offered invaluable advice and assistance in getting the  
project set up and organized.

The status file for OpenJPA can be found at: 

The incubator checklist web page for OpenJPA can be found at: http://

Craig Russell

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