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From Gokhan Ergul <>
Subject Re: Will reversemappingTask() generate EJB3 annotations?
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 23:50:56 GMT
Patrick Linskey wrote:
>> Would you guys be interested in getting donations in that area?
> Certainly!
>> We do have our homegrown solution that does that (along with some other
>> goodies as well). It's currently based on our metadata representation
>> reverse-engineered from the database schema, it'd be nice (read: more
>> flexible and maintainable) to have it based on openjpa metadata and
>> integrated in openjpa itself for the community to use.
> The basics could be implemented as a new subtype of
> ReverseMappingTool.ReverseCodeGenerator that did more intelligent
> things in the various field / method generators; ideally, we'd want to
> provide options for things like leaving ORM metadata in XML but
> putting @Entity and @Id etc. in classes, and obviously the ability to
> not write any XML at all and put everything in annotations instead.

Finally had some time to look into this. Quick question: it seems we 
don't support generic collections for "to-many" relations while 
generating code --is that deliberate or just a missing feature I could add?

About subtyping ReverseMappingTool.ReverseCodeGenerator: it goes a bit 
beyond that. To generate class annotations, I'll need to mess around 
with  openjpa-kernel/.../enhance/CodeGenerator, at the least promote 
getClassCode(String packageDec, String imports, ...) method from private 
to protected --least impact, but hardly an elegant solution. Is it ok if 
I make a few enhancements there (obviously preserving existing behaviour)?


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