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From "James.Strachan" <>
Subject Re: the pain of post processing bytecode (another beg for a simple reflection/cglib alternative like hibernate)
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 17:15:41 GMT

djencks wrote:
> James,
> Could extract from this verbiage the scenarios you'd like supported?

The simplest scenario is, take any maven 2 project which is using hibernate.
Switch the hibernate jars to openjpa jars & edit the bits of the
persistence.xml that are required and have things work properly in your IDE
and maven build without having to resort to explicit bytecode post
processing in your build.

djencks wrote:
> Do you need to run tests inside IDEA and have you classes enhanced  
> after IDEA compiles them for you?
> Do you need to run in a separate jvm, e.g. from maven, and have the  
> classes enhanced as they are loaded?

Yes to both

djencks wrote:
> I think the second of these can probably be made to work without any  
> openjpa code changes by doing the same thing geronimo does, running  
> with an enhancer agent that delegates to the openjpa enhancer as  
> appropriate.  

The enhancer is a good workaround for now, thanks. Though I still think it
should be easier for users; things should just work out of the box like they
do with hibernate without any secret ninja jvm tweaking, magic class loaders
or whatnot.

djencks wrote:
> I'd imagine that if IDEA creates a new classloader for  
> running the tests, and we can get some access to something about it,  
> it ought to be possible to do on the fly enhancement there also.
> What exactly are the problems with looking at an enhanced class in  
> IDEA?  I haven't run into them....but I may not have been trying to  
> debug the enhanced classes but rather openjpa + geronimo.

Mostly when you navigate into stack traces, or traverse class relationships
in the IDE you end up hitting the 'bytecode' (decompiled view) rather than
the source view.


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