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From David Jencks <>
Subject ClassTransformerOptions in persistence.xml properties?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 17:21:02 GMT
After a lot of research I found that its possible to get something  
like this into the persistence unit info properties


(expresses as part of a properties file rather than the equivalent  
xml from persistence.xml)

and that results in devScan == true in a bunch of method calls in  
class transforming.  There's some code in PersistenceProviderImpl  
that explicitly looks for this:

             String ctOpts = (String) Configurations.getProperty
                 (CLASS_TRANSFORMER_OPTIONS, pui.getProperties());
(lines 94-95)

leading me to believe that this might be a reasonable thing to try to  

However,  I get a lot of messages:

08:43:22,636 WARN  [Runtime] The property named  
"openjpa.ClassTransformerOptions" was not recognized and will be  
ignored, although the name closely matches a valid property called  

Seems to me that something is wrong here.  Maybe the code in  
PersistenceProviderImpl should be removing the property?  Maybe the  
ConfigurationProvider should know about the property?  Maybe this is  
actually not something that should be settable in persistence.xml?

david jencks

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