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From Marina Vatkina <Marina.Vatk...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Open JPA error-Could not locate metadata for the class using alias
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 22:39:10 GMT
tbee wrote:
>>How can you define relationships in the mapped superclass that are
> *specified* 
>>in terms of the entities?
> Quite simple:
> @Entity
> class Article extends Article2
> @MappedSuperclass
> class Article2
>   @ManyToOne
>   private Manufacturer; // note: not Manufacturer2!!
>>You can always change the annotation from @MappedSuperclass to an @Entity
>>make the class abstract.
> I do not believe that will work. Aim of the game is that the class returned
> by queries, etc, must be the class containing all the business logic. So
> AFAIK that must be the @Entity. That class must extended a class that
> contains the reversed engineered mappings.

I didn't suggest to remove the existing @Entity annotation - what I suggested 
was to change the @MappedSuperclass to be an @Entity, *and* make it *abstract*.
The latter will mean that you'll never get its instances back.

>>They might, but that would be beyond the spec and as such not a portable
> If this is beyond the spec: what is @MappedSuperclass intended for?

To share common fields between several entities without sharing the table that 
they are mapped to. It's behavior is closer to that of an embeddable class and 
the first version of the name that the expert group discussed had an 
'embeddable' in its name (see A.4 Changes Since Public Draft "Renamed 
EmbeddableSuperclass as MappedSuperclass.")



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