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From Marina Vatkina <Marina.Vatk...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: (No)existing table in SQL server
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:13:28 GMT

Are you using GlassFish with OpenJPA? If yes, there is a special integration 
with the Toplink code to be able to drop and create tables at deployment time. 
No other JPA provider has this support. I was looking at adding the same level 
of support for OpenJPA but the existing options available via persistence.xml 
properties are very limited and do not map exactly to the behavior available for 
the Toplink code. I plan to return to this work a bit later.


armad wrote:
> Thanks,
> I resolve my problem :) 
> I had a problem, because  I didn't list my entities. When I wrote all entity
> classes to persistence.xml file, everything was ok. Apart from this the
> really important thing is, that OpenJPA create db schema not in deploy
> moment, but in first call to entity. Another approach is in Hibernate and
> TopLink.
> regards,
> Thanks for your help Jacek :)

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