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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Problem trying to persist an entity into Derby from a Web App deployed to Geronimo
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 22:25:06 GMT
Hello all.

I am trying to persist a test entity into the systemdatabase (derby) in 

But, it is not working.

I have put lots of debugging into the persist code and what I have found 
is that the action set in BrokerImpl.persist is 6 (ops_attach) is that 
what it should be?

Because what is happening is that the process floats down to the point 
where it checks to see if the state manager is null (// ACT_RUN).  The 
state manager is null, so it bypasses that whole block of code and falls 
into the else.

It next checks to see if the PersistenceCapable object (pc) is detached, 
which it is not - so it grabs the object meta data.

It fires off the beforePersist lifecycle event.

Checks to see if the id is null (which it is) and proceeds to assign it 
to the appropriate value (I assume it is the appropriate value anyway: 

Next it checks to see if the object is cached anywhere (it is not) so it 
clears the persistenceCapable (pc) statemanager.

Then it creates a new state manager using the calculated id (the id type 
is application managed) and checks the _flags variable.  It is not 
'flag_active' and ends up setting the state manager to 'persistent new 
non-transactional' and cascades the persist - but never does the persist 
on the current object.

Is this (rambling explanation the description of) a bug or the way that 
this is supposed to work for a 'resource_local' persistence unit?



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