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From tbee <>
Subject Re: Open JPA error-Could not locate metadata for the class using alias
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 06:03:02 GMT

Marina Vatkina wrote:
> Do you have an orm.xml (or another <mapping>.xml file) that might override
> some 
> information? Can it be that not all classes are on the classpath? Or can
> there 
> be another persistence.xml or orm.xml on the classpath that can affect the 
> results? As there are plenty of tests that test an entity that extend an 
> abstract entity, it's most probably something in your configuration that
> causes 
> the problem.
> BTW, what kind of error do you get with Toplink?

The reverse engineering has always generated JPA classes, so there is no
other type of persistence configuration file aside from the one
persistence.xml file. In there I swap the "provider" tag in order to enable
Toplink or OpenJPA. The properties section contains properties for both

Toplink requires a primary key to be present in the @Entity class:

Entity class [class] has no primary key
specified. It should define either an @Id, @EmbeddedId or an @IdClass.

One this the Toplink reported was very interesting in association with the
OpenJPA problem:

The alias name for the entity class [class] is
being defaulted to: Relationcat.

Toplink decides to default an alias. The OpenJPA error is something about
not being able to find a alias. What is it with this alias and do I need to
specify it somewhere?
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