Am Donnerstag, den 29.03.2007, 10:09 -0700 schrieb Patrick Linskey:
If somehow you're holding onto a reference to the EM across multiple
transactions, or the pool is somehow doling out duplicates or something,
you should now see exceptions thrown indicating that the EM is closed.
Alternately, if the EM was holding onto resources that the appserver
thinks should have been re-pooled, that should now go away.


Thank you for your thoughts, Patrick. I'll add the code you suggested to our lookup-method and hopefully
the problem will  be gone now. Otherwise I don't have any more ideas of how to migrate to JPA in a controlled way... ;-)

BTW: I have founded the "EJB23" project on ( which SHALL (soon) provide
documentation and tools for people who are trying to migrate EJB2.1 EJBs to EJB3 as we are doing it. I also started
to write a "migration diary" where I wanted to document all the required steps and encountered problems within
our migration process, also the current stuff we're doing with openJPA. If anybody is interested: feel free to add
your comments and ideas or just regularly check my progress ;-) in the wiki:
or directly:

If we'll succeed in migrating our CMP beans to OpenJPA - expect above Project/Wiki to be a good advertising for OpenJPA *gg*

Anyway -thank you for your support! Keep up the good work!