Am Mittwoch, den 28.03.2007, 12:43 -0700 schrieb Patrick Linskey:
What happens if you set 'openjpa.TransactionMode' to 'managed' as well?

I will give it a try. Can you explicitly confirm that it shouldn't be a multithreading problem where there are serveral entitymanagers
created in different JTA transactions running in parallel? e.g.

TX A starts
EM A created
A working
TX B starts
EM B created
A and B working
(this is where we currently get the errors)

Also, are you closing your EMs at the end of the transaction?

not really. the problem is that we have serveral methods calling each other - each of it creating its own EM at the beginning. (which
will be the same EM instance regarding to the lookup code we implementend - see previous mail). So close() of a sub-method would
call the "outer"     methods EM too I guess?