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From Abe White <>
Subject Re: Shared classloader and subclasses
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 14:03:02 GMT
>> I see.  Here's a proposal: in the MetaDataRepository's implementation
>> of the RegisterClassListener interface, the repository only registers
>> the given class if either the user has not specified a persistent
>> types list (which we allow and in which case we attempt to lazily
>> discover persistent types), or if the class name appears in the
>> list.  That way if you follow JPA guidelines and specify your
>> persistent class list properly, subclasses left off the list won't
>> even get registered with the metadata repository.
> That sounds about right. I tried something similar using
> MetaDataFactory.getPersistentTypeNames(), but this method requires a
> classloader to be passed to it. Using the thread's classloader  
> didn't seem
> right (and didn't work anyway). Is there another way to find this  
> list?

Good point.  I guess we can't exclude the classes in the register  
class listener method itself, but we can do so when we  
processRegisteredClasses().  This method is only ever called from  
places where we have the proper classloader (the same one we pass to  
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