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From jeff <>
Subject composite ID based on "one" side of a bidirectional one-many relationship
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 17:08:28 GMT
say i have Book and Page classes. a Book has a name and can also have many Pages. a Page has
a number, and a reference to the owning Book.

i want the Page's ID to be based on it's number, and ALSO the owning Book's name. i could
make an ID class for Page, but the fields of the ID class need to be simple types, so i can't
map them to the book field in Page ... ?

i did get it to work by adding a bookName field to Page that gets populated in the setBook()
setter, and creating a PageId that uses the Page's number and the simple bookName field. 

however, this seems wrong, as it results in redundant data stored in the Page table. for example,
the created table for Page has  NUMBER, BOOKNAME, and BOOK_BOOK_NAME columns, the latter two
of which are always the same. 

i am sure there's a best practice for this. any advice is appreciated.

i have a test case for this i can send if my description is not obvious, but my last attempt
failed apache's spam filter. 

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