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From Abe White <>
Subject Re: Do mapped superclasses work at all in OpenJPA?
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 19:57:24 GMT
>>>> Secondly, are we parsing the XML file multiple times?  The only
>>>> way for the first warning to be fired is if OpenJPA has read my
>>>> entity mappings, but the exception that is thrown later is a SAX
>>>> exception which implies that OpenJPA is reading the file again.
>>> Sounds like an inefficient startup algorithm that we should fix.
>>> Issue #3?
> We might be parsing it multiple times, but for different reasons and
> with different parsers. Are you listing entities in an orm.xml and  
> then
> pointing at that orm.xml / relying on the default location?

IIRC (and that's a fairly big "if"), the first "parse" is more of a  
string scan looking for class names than a real XML parse, and is  
done with a subclass of ClassArgParser.  This is one of those things  
that made sense for the way the metadata system warmed up, then we  
changed some stuff or the spec changed or both, and it no longer  
makes much sense.  I had it on my list of things to redo, but it got  
pushed off because it hadn't caused enough problems to justify the  
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