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From Shay Banon <>
Subject Getting all the ClassMetaDatas
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2007 21:11:01 GMT


   First, I hope that this is the correct forum for posting questions, so
sorry if it isn't.

I have an external list of classes that I would like to match against the
persistent classes that are defined/identified by OpenJPA. I would really
like to get the ClassMetaData for each one, since it has a lot of
information that I could use. This intersection happens after the
EntityManagerFactory has been created.

I have tried using:ClassMetaData[] classMetaDatas =

But it seems like the meta data repository and ClassMetaData information are
lazily loaded (i.e. when some operation is performed on a Class, the
relevant meta data is fetched if not found in cache). So, what I get is an
empty array (even though I can see the OpenJPA identified the classes).

I wonder how I would be able to get all the class meta data?

Something that I was thinking about is since I have the list of classes that
I would like to check if they are persistent, I could call:
getMetaData(Class cls, ClassLoader envLoader, boolean mustExist), with
Thread context class loader and false in mustExists. I am guessing that it
will load the ClassMetaData if not found. My main problem here is that
OpenJPA might be configured with a different class loader (though it
defaults to the thread context one).

Any suggestions?


I am the author of Compass, so once I have this nailed down, we will have
Search capabilities to OpenJPA ;)

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