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From "Rahul Thakur" <>
Subject Re: How to unit test the Enhancer?
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 05:03:38 GMT
Hi Craig,

>> If not, are there plans to put together such tests into OpenJPA 
>> itself?
> OpenJPA is, like most Apache projects, a do-ocracy. If you have an 
> itch, you are encouraged to scratch it.

Yep, totally agree there and I would love to 'scratch' this 'itch' as 
well, but right now I am scratching many ;-). My intent was to see if 
there was something I could readily use (like the resources pointed out 
by yourself) or if it something was expected soon that would address 
this (Patrick's other email covered that aspect).

> I'm just guessing here, but it's likely that a test suite that is 
> used for Kodo and not already contributed to OpenJPA has significant 
> resource constraints to make it suitable for OpenJPA.
> If this is important for you, you will need to take the initiative to 
> propose a solution that you can implement.

I would like to get the testing set up at this stage when I don't have 
too much code (openjpa maven plugin and an ORM generator module that I 
want to use in Continuum) - so yes, I'd say this is important. Though I 
am not sure how much time and effort I would be able to commit to it if 
I picked it up.

> The process for proposing a new feature would be to discuss it on 
> this alias (done) and then once there is concurrence that such a 
> feature would be useful (done), create a JIRA issue to track it. The 
> JIRA would then contain the further discussion on how to implement 
> the feature.




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