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From "roger.keays" <>
Subject Some portability testing results
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 07:29:33 GMT

I've just finished testing the portability of an openjpa app, and thought you
all might be interested in the results. Basically, of the 9 databases I
tested the only one which I couldn't get to work was hypersonic.

The db's tested were:
  Derby 10.1,
  Postgres 8.1,
  Postgres 7.4,
  Mysql 5.0,
  Mysql 4.1,
  Hypersonic 1.8,
  h2 1.0,
  SQL Server 2005,
  Oracle 10.2

Here were the problems I came across. Most of them are very minor.

Postgres and SQL Server:
  * Foreign key indexes must be created by hand (not created by database).

  * Long character fields changed from VARCHAR(255) to LONGVARCHAR manually.
  * Column type mismatches for some foreign keys. Caused by Long id fields
being mapped to INTEGER instead of BIGINT. Fixed by hand.
  * PK clashes with existing items in the database. The id generator is not
working correctly. This is the blocker, and using an openjpa generated key
doesn't resolve the issue.:

An object of type "figbird.cms.entities.Page" with oid 
"figbird.cms.entities.Content-0" already exists in this context; 
another cannot be persisted.
FailedObject: figbird.cms.entities.Page@1f08ed8
  at org.apache.openjpa.kernel.BrokerImpl.persist(
  at org.apache.openjpa.kernel.BrokerImpl.persist(
  at figbird.cms.entities.TestCreate.createPage1(

  * Long character fields changed from VARCHAR(255) to CLOB manually (we're
using the hsql DBDictionary).

  * No support for autoincrement columns.
  * 'Trigger' method of faking autoincrement fails with openjpa.
  * Many reserved word clashes (size, type, level, comment).
  * FK errors on insert (disabled fks).

  * The mapping tool didn't create any indexes for my @Index annotated

That's it. Not too bad really. Strange that H2 passed all my tests using the
hsql dictionary, but hsql itself didn't.

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