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From "Stefan Arentz" <>
Subject Re: RE: Some integration questions
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 09:55:13 GMT
On 10/7/06, Patrick Linskey <> wrote:


Patrick, thanks for the hints.

> Also, in the specific case (Spring 2.0 + Jetty), you'll get
> auto-enhancement out-of-the-box, modulo any bugs that haven't been
> surfaced yet by us or the Spring team (thanks, Costin!).

That is also the reason why I am trying to understand how all the
pieces fit together. I'm currently in a situation where I keep getting
the following error:

 the type "class wicket.quickstart.entities.Message" has not been enhanced.

even though I see the following in the OpenJPA TRACE log:

4296  INFO   [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Found 1 classes with
metadata in 0 milliseconds.
4459  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.Enhance -
"wicket/quickstart/entities/Message" requires runtime enhancement:
4541  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Loading metadata for
"class wicket.quickstart.entities.Message" under mode "[META][QUERY]".
4559  INFO   [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Parsing class
4559  INFO   [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Parsing package
4578  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Generating default
metadata for type "wicket.quickstart.entities.Message".
4578  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Using reflection for
metadata generation.
4596  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Set persistence-capable
superclass of "wicket.quickstart.entities.Message" to "null".
4596  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - Resolving metadata for
4596  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - 	Resolving field
4604  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.MetaData - 	Resolving field
4606  TRACE  [btpool0-6] openjpa.Enhance - Enhancing type "class

I'm not sure this is a Spring issue or an OpenJPA issue though. That
is why I'm trying to understand how all this should work.

(I'm trying to build a quickstart project for
that uses OpenJPA and Spring)


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