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From "Grenier Nicolas" <>
Subject Find by primary key does not return the real type of a record but instance of the type passed as parameter
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:58:43 GMT

I have developed a small test application using OpenJPA (fresh checkout)
in which I have the following class hierarchy:

	RootEntityClass <- ChildMappedClass <- LeafEntityClass

In my application I do a find by primary key using the entity manager
like this:

	LeafEntityClass myLeaf = (LeafEntityClass)entityManager.find
(RootEntityClass.class, id);

I know that I can only get a Leaf instance (I've only such records in
database) so I attempt to cast it to the Leaf type. 
This code works fine with Hibernate but with OpenJPA, the entity manager
returns instances of RootEntityClass and not LeafEntityClass.

Is this a bug ; specifications are not very clear concerning the find
method behaviour ?

Thanks in advance.


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