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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject RE: Trimming Strings from Database Query Results
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:34:24 GMT
> I am finding that all strings had trailing blanks trimmed 
> when retrieved in
> toplink, whereas the trailing blanks are preserved in 
> openJpa.  I can add
> the many trim methods needed to my code if necessary, but I 
> was wondering if
> there is any way to do this via a property setting.  I could 
> not find any.


The untrimmed fields are String fields, not char fields, correct?

There aren't any property settings to tell OpenJPA to trim String
fields, but I believe that you could implement something that did this
quite easily by extending the DB2Dictionary and overriding the
getString() method to do something like so:

package com.example;

import java.sql.ResultSet;

public class TrimmingDB2Dictionary 
    extends org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.DB2Dictionary {

    public String getString(ResultSet rs, int col) {
        String str = super.getString(rs, col);
        if (str != null)
            str = str.trim();
        return str;

Then, you'll change your DBDictionary property like so:

    <property name="openjpa.jdbc.DBDictionary"

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