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From Marc Prud'hommeaux <>
Subject Re: svn revision number
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 20:49:01 GMT

>> It looks like the revision number that we're getting in
>> openjpa-lib/pom.xml is the latest revision number of the repo as a
>> whole, not the latest revision number of just the openjpa trunk. Does
>> anyone have a clue about how to get the latest revision for just
>> openjpa?

I had thought that would be sufficient for re-constructing a  
particular view from the repository. Is that not the case?

>> I would expect that we could get this info from running and parsing
>> 'svnversion -c', but it looks like we're digging into files  
>> instead of
>> running commands. Any insight into why this is?

Well, I had been loathe to spawn commands as part of the build  
process. For example, what if someone is using Eclipse's built-in  
Subversion client, and so do not have a separate "svnversion" command  
on their machine? Should we just fail the build, or silently ignore?

Parsing the .svn/entries file seemed like it would be a simpler  
process. Unfortunately, there is another reason we may need to change  
this: the latest Subversion release (1.4) changes the format of this  
file from XML to some custom format, which also breaks our parsing.  

> Also, it would seem that the target runs during the 'run' goal  
> (whatever
> that is). The upshot is that 'mvn clean && mvn package' builds a jar
> with no revision information, since 'run' seems to happen after jar
> assembly is complete.

The goal is the action that you take on the plugin, not the phase in  
which the action is performed. The "maven-antrun-plugin" only has a  
single goal: "run".

> I tried changing the goal to both 'package' and 'compile', but was  
> told
> that that goal was unrecognized.

It is the "phase" element that needs to be changed. Try "compile" and  
see if that fixes it.

> Does anyone have any idea how to make 'compile' become a goal, or what
> the name of a goal that happens before creating the jar might be?
> -Patrick
> -- 
> Patrick Linskey
> BEA Systems, Inc.

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