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From: Jason van Zyl <>
Date: August 27, 2006 9:44:58 AM PDT
Subject: [policy] incubating projects and maven repositories v1.0


It looks like people objected to creating another mailing list for policy so I just used [policy] as Robert did in a previous message.

Henri has setup Maven repositories for the incubator and there is a document which is an attempt to describe the current setup here:

I think that everyone agrees that a separate repository for incubating projects is a good idea as

1) you can clearly see what incubator artifacts have been created
2) we can perform analysis and create reports for incubator artifacts easily (using Archiva, the maven repository manager)
3) separating the administration duties of the incubator repository is a good idea I think. This might involve a different instance of Archiva and/or different people looking after the respective repositories

I haven't looked at all the projects using Maven in the incubator but cxf, the one I'm most involved with, looks like its settling on versions like:


So the repository is clearly separated, and from a dependency element in a Maven POM you can clearly see it's an incubator version.

There was discussion that incubator repository would not be sync'd to the central repository but I don't really see much point in this. A few folks with incubating projects have voiced concerns that they don't want to see their projects be taken out of circulation in the central repository because they are incubating. If each and every incubating project has a version for each artifact like that above then it will be fairly clear that it's from the incubator. Moreso then if you just had a repository definition pointing at the incubator repository.

Also someone may make an repository request to place an incubator artifact in the central repository and at this point a policy mandated here would conflict with someone's right to redistribute artifacts created in the incubator. I don't really want to get into the business of policing repository requests. I think it is in the best interests of the  incubating projects to have the incubator repository sync'd to Maven's central repository. The source of artifacts for incubating projects is clear from the version so I don't think there will be any confusion by consumers of these artifacts and as such I don't really see any downside to allowing the sync to Maven's central repository.


Jason van Zyl

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