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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject RE: Update version to SNAPSHOT
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 01:43:09 GMT
> > I spoke to Geir about this a bunch last week; he suggested we use a
> > number-dev nomenclature, so that it'd be clear that the current  
> > build is
> > a dev build rather than a well-known numbered release. So, 
> this would
> > mean we'd have 0.9.0-dev, meaning that there are 
> differences since the
> > 0.9.0 release itself.
> Ok, well I don't want to cause problems if it's a done deal.  Just a  
> couple FYIs, maven will still treat that as a final version -- once  
> downloaded, it won't check for newer versions.  Also, maven will  
> consider 0.9.0 to be greater than 0.9.0-dev.

What's the difference between SNAPSHOT and -dev, in mavenese? I wasn't
suggesting that what we talked about was better; just tossing some more
fuel on the fire.

> > Also, does anyone know what's involved in making snapshots 
> happen on a
> > regular basis (say, nightly iff an svn change happened that day)?
> With a couple patches to your root pom I can hook you up to Apache's  
> Continuum install on (very slow but works).   
> Publishing jars from there is still a bit tricky, but we might be  
> able to figure something out.

We've got a TeamCity server up and running at BEA (working on getting
one in the DMZ...); it publishes artifacts. So, we could probably do
something to get it to rsync the built artifacts somewhere or something
like that.

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