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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Update version to SNAPSHOT
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 05:41:45 GMT

On Aug 23, 2006, at 4:20 PM, Bryan Noll wrote:

> So... I saw that David created the following two JIRA's, so I  
> wanted to follow up on the thread.
> Regarding OPENJPA-29:
> openjpa-0.9.0-full.jar   // contains all openjpa code, openjpa- 
> *.jars merged
> openjpa-0.9.0-nodep.jar  // contains all openjpa code and all third  
> party dependency jars
> Do you have your descriptions backwards or am I misunderstanding  
> what you're saying?

I very well could have them backwards.  As I said, "There's a naming  
convention for this kind of thing, hope I've got it right."

> Seems like 'nodep' would mean "no dependencies for this project are  
> bundled into this jar" to me.
> IIUC (which I'm not sure that I do, so please correct me) then...
> openjpa-0.9.0-nodep.jar would extract to:
> - org/apache/openjpa/*/**.class
> - META-INF/*  ............ (we still need to resolve the 'merge  
> multiple files of the same name and locations (eg..  
> ProductDerivations) problem for this)
> openjpa-0.9.0-full.jar would extract to:
> - org/apache/openjpa/*/**.class
> - thirdPartyJars.jar (many of these)
> - META-INF/* .......... (same issue as above)

The classes from the third party jars would also have been extracted  
into the jar.

> Would the openjpa-*.jar files be there instead of the unpacked  
> classes?


> Should the names actually be openjpa-nodep-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and  
> openjpa-full-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar?

That'd be possible.  You'd have to have one maven module for each jar  
and poke at the assembly plugin setup to not use the default name of  
<artifactId>-<version>-<assemblyName>.<archiveType>.  The maven guys
may know a better way.

> Regarding OPENJPA-30:
> - I saw that Marc got the newly named SNAPSHOT jars up to a  
> repo.... good stuff.

Yep.  Thanks again, Marc!  Very appreciated!

> - The next step would have one jar somewhere like http:// 
> openjpa/0.9.0-SNAPSHOT/ for people to depend on, instead of many,  
> correct?

We (Geronimo and OpenEJB) use maven 2 which has transitive  
dependencies, so it's not critical for us.  But it'd be real handy  
for anyone using maven 1 or ant.  Or anyone really who just wants to  
throw that jar in their webapp and say "go!"

> - David... if you catch this... I would be glad to help  
> (translation... observe and learn) you get the thing publishing  
> nightly from the apache continuum server you spoke of.

I added it in (that's the easy part).  See 

That machine is terribly slow....

The tricky part with any CI system is the whole question of "Gee,  
what credentials do we use to deploy snapshots?"

To skirt the issue of what user to "push" jars as, I've typically  
setup an rsync on the destination box and "pulled" the jars down.   
That worked fine with maven 1, but maven 2 has these wonderful index  
files in the repo that make that impossible to my knowledge.  Maybe  
Brett can confirm.


> Thanks...
> Bryan
> David Blevins wrote:
>> On Aug 15, 2006, at 7:42 AM, Craig L Russell wrote:
>>> On Aug 15, 2006, at 6:38 AM, Patrick Linskey wrote:
>>>>> Check out the Assembly plugin and it's predefined
>>>>> "jar-with-dependencies" descriptor[1]. I'm pretty sure that
>>>>> most people
>>>>> using Maven will just have a runtime dependency on the core  
>>>>> OpenJPA
>>>>> library and be done with it, but it's always nice for Ant users.
>>>> Exactly -- mvn users will use the dependencies, but people who  
>>>> want to
>>>> download and use the distribution directly may not want a  
>>>> billion little
>>>> jars.
>>> Yes, my experience says it's ok to have 10 dependencies on e.g.  
>>> commons-logger, antlr, etc. but having 10 dependencies on openjpa- 
>>> kernel4, openjpa-kernel5, openjpa-api, openjpa-blah is annoying.
>>> So if possible, I'd also like to have a jar with all the stuff in  
>>> it.
>> That'd be nice.  Some jar that contains all the openjpa-*.jar  
>> files is perfect for my needs.  The good news is that the maven- 
>> assembly-plugin allows you to define several assembly xml files  
>> and build multiple archives containing whatever you like.  So if  
>> people want, we could have:
>> openjpa-0.9.0-full.jar   // contains all openjpa code, openjpa- 
>> *.jars merged
>> openjpa-0.9.0-nodep.jar  // contains all openjpa code and all  
>> third party dependency jars
>> There's a naming convention for this kind of thing, hope I've got  
>> it right.
>> -David
>>> Craig
>>>> -Patrick
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