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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject RE: State of OpenJPA code drop
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 20:14:13 GMT
Things should be at a steady state. We've got oodles of tests that we'll
want to get out into Apache at some point. But the team at BEA is
currently focused more on making our tests pass again and finishing
reassembling Kodo on top of OpenJPA than on pulling out test

Feature-wise, I'm sure we'll see some more code come out with
interesting features, but what you see now is substantially all of
what's currently in plan.

Regarding CTS: we haven't yet set up anything that tests just OpenJPA
against the JPA TCK. Also, I'm really not sure how much I'm allowed to
say about TCK status based on runs using BEA's tests. I do think that I
can say this: the BEA Kodo automated testing system includes the JPA
TCK, Kodo 4.0 passed the JPA TCK, and we're working as we speak on
getting Kodo 4.1 (based on OpenJPA) to get to the same success level in
the Kodo automated testing system as Kodo 4.0 was at.


Patrick Linskey
BEA Systems, Inc.  

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> From: Kevin Sutter [] 
> Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 7:30 AM
> To:
> Subject: State of OpenJPA code drop
> Hi Patrick,
> Now that the code drops seem to be slowing down a bit, I'm 
> wondering whether you can give me an update on the 
> "completeness" of the OpenJPA code repository.  I'm 
> attempting to verify some of the expected functionality and 
> I'm failing a few test scenarios.  I'm just wondering whether 
> the majority of the code has now been dropped, and whether we 
> can start to post questions and/or bug reports.  But, if 
> there's more to come, then I'd like to understand the state 
> of the repository.
> For example, is the OpenJPA JPQL query engine complete?  I'm 
> hitting some failures with query statement parsing, type 
> conversions, database pushdowns, etc.  Before posting more 
> detailed information about these failures, I'm wondering 
> whether it's complete yet or not.
> Related to this is the execution of the CTS OpenJPA TCK.  It 
> looks like some basic problems with getting the dynamic 
> runtime class enhancer to work properly.  Here again, not 
> sure if this is a configuration problem, or insufficient code 
> drop, or real problems.  Do you have any personal experience 
> with executing the TCK that you could share?
> Thanks for your help!
> Kevin
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