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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject RE: Two questions on the recent code drop (for now...)
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 17:29:49 GMT
> The openjpa-lib project was not installing since it had the 
> test failures.
> Thus, the dependency on openjpa-lib from the openjpa-kernel 
> project was not being fulfilled.  I worked around this by 
> moving the "test" folder out of the way and re-running "mvn 
> install" to get openjpa-lib installed and available for 
> openjpa-kernel.
> There must be an easier maven way of installing the jar even 
> though there are test failures, but the brute force method 
> worked for me...

mvn compile -Dtest=false

> Next problem...  You are right.  The JPQL.jjt file did exist. 
>  I had my java filter on in Eclipse and it wasn't finding any 
> java files. That's why it looked empty.  Once I figured out 
> that we were generating source code that needed to be built, 
> then Eclipse was happier.  It sounds like from mikedd's 
> response, that I could also get a javacc plugin to help with 
> this processing.
> So, I am now down to a single build error within Eclipse due 
> to the duplicate source files for ParseException.  The 
> command line mvn seems to clean this up okay, so it's just a 
> matter of getting Eclipse to do the same thing.

I set things up in eclipse by doing: 'mvn deploy -Dtest=false; mvn
eclipse:eclipse', and then importing the generated eclipse workspaces.
The only issue was that eclipse (or mvn eclipse:eclipse) didn't set the
root of the source dir for the jjtree artifacts correctly, so package
names didn't match what eclipse expected.

In my setup, eclipse isn't actually running the build via maven, so I
still need to do initial builds from the command line.

Also, you can do 'mvn idea:idea' if you're an IntelliJ person.

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