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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject RE: java.util.concurrent
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2006 15:26:58 GMT
> I don't  think the fact your using BEA e-mail is an issue.  
> Its really the legal content of the epilogue that I think has 
> people concerned.


> Although someone in the ASF could probably do something I 
> think you'd be the first person they did it for :)  I think 
> modifying the contents of anyone's e-mail is a bad precedent.

See below.

> I'm in the same boat as you as my IBM account generated lots 
> of additional attatchements that people asked me to remove.  
> I cannot configure Notes to do that so I changed to my 
> personal account.  

Based on my understanding, many people (yourself included) have run into
this problem. Seems to me as though the Apache community doesn't like
this, and forces all incoming developers to change the way they work in
order to better fit the Apache Way. Seems awfully intrusive from a
new-employee standpoint.

It seems to me like it's in Apache's best interest to either
collectively not care about this sort of thing, or help provide a fix on
their side, rather than potentially asking every incoming developer to
change the way they work.

> Also, If I left IBM I would most likely 
> continue working on the projects that I'm currently part of 
> so a private e-mail allows me that freedom.

Well, not really -- I think that it's the ICLA and the employment laws
in the US that allow you to continue working on projects after leaving
IBM. I'd be surprised if Apache would not allow people with new email
addresses to participate in projects.

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