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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: java.util.concurrent
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2006 23:47:31 GMT

Patrick Linskey wrote:
>> I don't  think the fact your using BEA e-mail is an issue.  
>> Its really the legal content of the epilogue that I think has 
>> people concerned.
> Understood.
>> Although someone in the ASF could probably do something I 
>> think you'd be the first person they did it for :)  I think 
>> modifying the contents of anyone's e-mail is a bad precedent.
> See below.
>> I'm in the same boat as you as my IBM account generated lots 
>> of additional attatchements that people asked me to remove.  
>> I cannot configure Notes to do that so I changed to my 
>> personal account.  
> Based on my understanding, many people (yourself included) have run into
> this problem. Seems to me as though the Apache community doesn't like
> this, and forces all incoming developers to change the way they work in
> order to better fit the Apache Way. Seems awfully intrusive from a
> new-employee standpoint.

Well, yes - there are community standards.  For example, we don't like
HTML or RTF mail. We don't like non-compliant mail.  We prefer if people
don't verbally abuse others.  Yet all of those are normal ways I've seen
people work elsewhere.

> It seems to me like it's in Apache's best interest to either
> collectively not care about this sort of thing, or help provide a fix on
> their side, rather than potentially asking every incoming developer to
> change the way they work.  

I think of it as respecting local custom when you travel or when you
visit someones house, or when you get a new job.

You never included legal gibberish in your email before joining BEA -
how hard did you push there to not have your email client send it w/
ever mail? :)

>> Also, If I left IBM I would most likely 
>> continue working on the projects that I'm currently part of 
>> so a private e-mail allows me that freedom.
> Well, not really -- I think that it's the ICLA and the employment laws
> in the US that allow you to continue working on projects after leaving
> IBM. I'd be surprised if Apache would not allow people with new email
> addresses to participate in projects.

I think you are missing Matt's point...  No one cares what email address
mail is posted from, we just care about the content.


> -Patrick

Maybe we can have BEA change it to the following...

> _______________________________________________________________________
> Notice:  This email message, together with any attachments, may contain
> information  of  BEA Systems,  Inc.,  its subsidiaries  and  affiliated
> entities,  that may be confidential,  proprietary,  copyrighted  and/or
> legally privileged, and BEA hereby grants to you all rights as specified 
> in the Apache License and the CCLA to anyone receiving this message. If 
> you are not the intended recipient, it doesn't matter because of the 
> Apache License, so please forward to anyone who may find it useful.
> Think Fluid!



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