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Subject svn commit: r1058760 - /openjpa/branches/1.3.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/supported_databases.xml
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 22:06:56 GMT
Author: mikedd
Date: Thu Jan 13 22:06:56 2011
New Revision: 1058760

OPENJPA-1699: Add documentation for fully materialized LOB issue with streaming LOBs and DB2


Modified: openjpa/branches/1.3.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/supported_databases.xml
--- openjpa/branches/1.3.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/supported_databases.xml (original)
+++ openjpa/branches/1.3.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/supported_databases.xml Thu Jan
13 22:06:56 2011
@@ -467,6 +467,23 @@ of DESCSTAT, DB2 metadata tables must be
 See DB2 for z/OS documentation for additional information.
+                <listitem>
+                    <para>
+When using LOBs with persistent attributes of a streaming data type (e.g. 
+<literal></literal>) in the case of very large lob, DB2 JCC

+driver will automatically use progressive streaming to retrieve the Lob data. 
+With progressiveStreaming, the inputStream retrieved must be fully materialized 
+before the next iteration of call to By default
+this will result in a LobClosedException when OpenJPA processes the InputStream.
+                    </para>
+                    <para>
+To work around this condition you may force fullyMaterializedLobData to true in 
+the connection URL as shown below :
+openjpa.ConnectionURL: jdbc:db2://localhost:50000/demodb:fullyMaterializeLobData=true;progressiveStreaming=NO

+                    </para>
+                </listitem>

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