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From snblim <>
Subject Re: NoModulesFoundException - Problem
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 12:40:24 GMT
Hello again :-)

I've created a Demo application that (kind of...) reproduces the problem.
We have 4 modules (called DemoRuntime, DemoService, DemoService2 and Demo):

- 'DemoRuntime' contains Interfaces and a main-method that triggers the app.

- 'DemoService' & 'DemoService2' contain implementations of the interfaces
	DemoRuntime). Both just push some text to the log. Both project has
	'DemoRuntime' in its build path.

- 'Demo' should include the mentioned projects as jar's. And 'Demo' should
	triggered (e.g.) via a shell- or an ant-script. 

What's working: 
	Injection lookup in DemoRuntime that retrieves an instance from
	DemoService. Execution of a print-out method in the DemoService-module. 

What's failing:
	We're trying to inject a class from 'DemoService2' in 'DemoService'. Both
DemoService are being deployed correctly and the JNDI Name appears correctly
in the EJBContainer log.

This process fails with the exception:

even though the following lines appear before that:

(complete log on pastebin )

All of the demo code is hosted on github 
To reproduce the exception only 'Demo' needs to be cloned and the
'build.xml' builded. 
The other projects are already included as jar's.  

We really appreciate any help!


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