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From twelveeighty <>
Subject Re: Suggested change to "TomEE and Eclipse" doc page
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 04:53:40 GMT

David Blevins-2 wrote
> So Method 1 should really be to just use TomEE as you would Tomcat -- no
> special options, no special warnings.  As well method 1 should probably
> have a link to this doc

That is a great video! 

Okay, I'll try to take a crack at changing the document. I think Method 1 as
it is described there does not work if you follow along step-by-step...
unlike your video :) Probably better to change that to refer to the video
and include just the first couple of steps like you demonstrate there with
the "Run as" method. That would then be the "getting started in 30s or less"

Method 2 is probably better fitted for old farts like me that are used to
(or conditioned to) tinkering with the Server page (location, publishing
options, etc.).

I also noted there are a couple of doc pages that are "broken" - at least on
Firefox and Chrome these don't render right:

My guess is there are unmatched tags used. I'll see what I can do there too.

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