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From recursion <>
Subject Flexability of OpenEJB integration
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 08:30:37 GMT

Hi all,

I was wondering to what extent can OpenEJB be integrated with some other
vendors' implementations of standard J2EE modules/services. I mean, if i
want to make OpenEJB run for example, with TopLink Essentials as a JPA
provider, with Jetty as a web container, with SimpleJNDI as a JNDI
implementation and with "My-neighbour-Frank-Smith's" JMS-provider, with MX4J
as JMX provider, and so on, how easy would be that integration ?

As an EJB server, OpenEJB needs JMS implementation, JAX-WS support,
TransactionService, JNDI implementation, and so on. It even provides JCA
support as i can find from the home page. 

So my question is regarded with the extent, to which OpenEJB is decoupled
from those enterprise services. If it communicates only through the
specified in the specification interfaces with those APIs, then ideally it
would integrate with arbitrary implementations. So, you simply take OpenEJB,
and plug your standalone JNDI, JAX-WS, JPA, JMS, JTA implementations, and
everything works fine together. But this is just ideally.

In reality, even a single integration can be hard to achieve.
So, to summerize, my question is: is OpenEJB integrated with its inner J2EE
APIs implementations, as loosely coupled as possible (Apache Geronimo's
transaction service, J2EE Connector, Java Mail; CXF, WSS4J, ActiveMQ, SLF4J)
? Can they be substituted with other spec-compliant implementations easily ?
Or it is the case that OpenEJB relies on particular out-of-spec behaviour
and properties of its inner parts, and its impossible to easily replace them

Thank you in advance!


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