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From Jonathan Gallimore <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] OpenEJB Plugin Development
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 18:26:00 GMT
Hi All,

Daniel S. Haischt wrote:
> Wiki access for Jonathan Gallimore:
> -----------------------------------
> AFAIK know the pending issue here was that Jon needs to submit
> a CLA by fax or postal mail which he did. Jon, could you be so kind
> and double check whether you did send the CLA already. David B. and
> I were not able to find your CLA on file. Maybe, if you sent a
> facsimile you could glimpse through the records of sent facsimiles
> of your fax machine regarding whether the CLA facsimile did yield
> some kind of error.
I sent in a CLA by mail early in April. I guess it didn't make it. I'll 
try and remember to fax it tomorrow.
> If this action item has been solved you should be all set regarding
> writing a wiki article about the OpenEJB Eclipse plugin.
> Generic design for a plugin foundation infrastructure:
> ------------------------------------------------------
> I once suggested to generalize most of the plugin stuff into something
> I called OpenEJB Plugin Foundations. I will be looking into IDEA
> IntelliJ till end of may to figure out how plugins are done in IntelliJ.
> After that I think it would be possible to refactor the current plugin
> logic into a more generic module that can be re-used by both an Eclipse
> and an IntelliJ plugin for OpenEJB.
I've done some refactoring to create a plugins-common module, and also 
made a start on an IDEA plugin. I did however (after getting a basic 
plugin working) discover that IDEA 7 already has a feature to generate 
EJB3 annotations (its on the right click menu on the XML editor when 
ejb-jar.xml is open) - I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment!

I was going to submit two patches, one with the refactoring to the 
common module, and one with the work I've done in Idea already, (I guess 
we need to decide whether to continue with this in light of finding this 
feature in IDEA 7).

I'll try and get these patches into Jira this evening.



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