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From David Blevins <>
Subject Fwd: EJB in Tomcat with OpenEJB
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 21:36:35 GMT

Thank you so much for responding to Dru.  I would have done it sooner  
but with the release frenzy there simply aren't enough hours in the  
day.  It's really appreciated that you stepped forward -- getting a  
response of any kind is better than no response.

You set a good example.  Thanks for keeping an eye on the user list!


Begin forwarded message:
> Resent-From: <>
> From: Jonathan Gallimore <>
> Date: April 2, 2008 2:06:22 PM PDT
> To:
> Subject: Re: EJB in Tomcat with OpenEJB
> Reply-To:
> Hi Dru,
> Your message has made it to the list.
> I have a question about your setup - you mention that you tried  
> dropping your war file in the Tomcat webapps folder. How has this  
> been built? I'm assuming that your ejb jar module with your session  
> beans is in the WEB-INF/lib folder inside the WAR folder - is that  
> the case? I believe that it should work, but I haven't tried it  
> myself. If you can give me a bit more detail about how you're  
> packaging up your war file I'll try and look into the problem further.
> There is a sample application which has EJBs and Servlets in a war  
> file in this zip [

> ] which I think might be worth having a look at if you haven't seen  
> it already.
> It might also be worth mentioning that you can deploy an EAR in the  
> Tomcat webapps folder once you have the openejb.war set up. I've  
> found that this works well.
> Hope that's some help.
> Regards
> Jon
> Dru Devore wrote:
>> I am sending this again because I have no proof that it actually  
>> made it to
>> the list.
>> If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them. I would like  
>> to get
>> this solved by the weekend.
>> I am REALLY new to openejb, though not ejbs, and I am having  
>> problems.
>> I am trying to deploy a project developed in NetBeans for Glassfish  
>> to
>> Tomcat/OpenEJB. I need to develop a method of reliably deploying a  
>> project
>> being developed in NB as an enterprise project using GF as the  
>> server to
>> Tomcat/OpenEJB. I am going to explain the project then tell you  
>> what I have
>> attempted with the hopes it will be enough information to get  
>> something
>> working. So on with the situation.
>> I have 2 projects, part of an enterprise project in NB, They are OH- 
>> war and
>> OH-ejb. The war contains a set of services that access the  
>> stateless session
>> beans (3.0) in the OH-ejb project, it also contains a servlet that  
>> starts a
>> timer to perform a scheduled task that is also in an ejb from the  
>> OH-ejb
>> project. I know the task and services are setup properly and they run
>> without problems in GF though I cannot get any of it to work in TC/ 
>> OEJB.
>> What I have tried:
>> I was told that I should be able to simply throw the war file from  
>> NB in the
>> webapps directory and it will work. Well it didn't really work so  
>> much.
>> I think I have the OpenEJB installed correctly because the install  
>> seemed to
>> work and it says it deploys it when the server comes up. I can see  
>> it saying
>> that it is deploying /openejb and the /OH-war projects but that is  
>> just
>> about all the good there is.
>> 1. I can't find a wsdl anywhere, in a browser or on the HD, so the  
>> services
>> are unaccessable.
>> 2. As for the servlet, I put prints in the init around where it  
>> starts the
>> task for timing and they are simply not being printed out. Figuring  
>> that it
>> might be the @EJB in the servlet that might be making it not work  
>> correctly
>> I removed everything related to EJBs.
>> At this time I don't have any idea what it is doing but I can say  
>> that it is
>> not doing what I thought I was asking it to do...
>> If anyone has any suggestions I would be willing to try them. If  
>> anyone has
>> any examples of web services or servlets I will look at them also.  
>> I know it
>> must be something I am doing I just don't know what it is..

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