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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Please apply patch for openejb-625 and openejb-627 -- Thanks yet again, Karan!
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 06:01:26 GMT
Ok.  OPENEJB-625 is in!  Yet another great patch!  This one fixing a  
bug that was in no way my fault ... unless you consider me changing  
the version number from 3.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and  
not paying attention to this test case with the old version number in  
it as being my fault (or the fact that i checked in a test case with  
a hardcoded version number in the first place).

You the man, Karan!  (hey, that rhymes)

So, we definitely need to figure out a way to get hold of the itests  
jar without needing to know the version number (or even where it  
might be on the filesystem).  It's in the classpath because we have a  
dep on it from core, so maybe we can squirt some file into the itests  
jar and look for it in the classpath.  Or just look for a known class  
name or something.

Or I bet we could use the UrlSet class in xbean-finder and find the  
jar/path with openejb-itests-beans in it.  That'd probably be easiest.

Not something we need to fix now though, but if anyone is bored....


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