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From "Mohammad Nour El-Din" <>
Subject Re: openejb- ease of use, snapshot and maven
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 12:08:43 GMT
Hi Karan...

On 6/15/07, Karan Malhi <> wrote:
> I really want to be able to have a downloadable snapshot release. We
> want to make it easy for people to download and extract a zipped file
> and get started with openejb quickly. Downloading maven first, then
> checking out the whole thing and building it and then extracting the
> snapshot for usage is really not a very comfortable thought if
> somebody had to try to use openejb. It would easily take more than 1.5
> hours of somebody's time, before they can even start using openejb. On
> top of that they will have to find the zip file from
> openejb3\assembly\openejb-standalone\target directory. I dont think
> this is very intuitive , even though it is well documented by Jacek on
> the wiki.
> Maybe we already have a link to the snapshot release, but I dont know
> where to find it

For this issue I have a nice solution Prasad follows for providing daily
snapshots for Apache Gernimo. At the end of each day, I will provide
snapshots of OpenEJB3.0.0 with the build logs, just like what Prasad does
and I will send a note with that on the dev-list.

> I want to be able to add some documentation, so that if anybody wanted
> to use openejb with eclipse, then they should be able to setup their
> environment in a few minutes, provided they have downloaded eclipse
> and openejb.  I would also like to provide some step by step kind of
> docs to write a few ejb's in eclipse, deploy and test them in openejb.

Did u give sometime to search for that on the OpenEJB confluence, I think you will find such
info there. And if not I am glad to provide these info for OpenEJB users.

> My biggest hurdle at this point is Maven. I do not fully understand it
> and cannot spend enough time on it  to be able to fix the problem
> mentioned below:
> If i run mvn -Dassemble clean install from root, filtering doesnt
> work. however, if i simply run mvn from the openejb-standalone module,
> filtering works fine. I did try to spend some time on it, but could
> not spend too much time. One thing which i have learnt is that we need
> to specify explicit versions of any plugins we are using in maven. In
> future, maven is going to make it mandatory to specify explicit
> versions, so it is going to be a good idea to adopt that strategy
> right away.
> May I also suggest that we do not use beta versions of plugins if they
> have not been properly tested. Lets stick to the stable releases even
> if we lose some cool functionality provided by the beta. We atleast
> know that it works and will continue to work (unless some bug was
> overlooked, but chances of that happening are lesser for stable than
> beta versions)
> MAVEN  and OPENEJB GURUS -- If you can point me in the right direction
> to fix the above issue, that would be awesome!!. Once the above
> problem is fixed, then if somebody can provide any guidance on how to
> automatically link the snapshot release on the openejb website, that
> would be a big help.

In this point I am just like you :), I think we both need help from Apache
Maven2 gurus.

> Karan Malhi

- Mohammad Nour

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