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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: openejb- ease of use, snapshot and maven
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 02:13:04 GMT

Thanks for posting!  Been wondering when we would see something from  
you :)

You give some really great feedback and I think you're right that the  
number of people who might get through build part are very slim.  Our  
build isn't very complicated as maven builds go, but all the standard  
issues are there.  We definitely need some snapshots up and I would  
add we need to start shipping some releases.

This isn't as precise as i'd like to see, but there are some  
snapshots available from our continuous integration system  
(continuum) here: 

But it would be really nice to get something like this going again,  
but for 3.0:

On the note if the suggestions for the website updates, definitely  
feel free to make those changes.  Our site is run from the wiki and  
you'll be able to edit just by opening an account and logging in.   
Every bit helps and it'd be very great for others in the same shoes.

On the DNS and hostname issue, do you have any stack traces or some  
detailed info we could put in JIRA?


On Jun 14, 2007, at 6:31 PM, Dario Laverde wrote:

> Hello all,
> A first (belated) post to the list here - congrats for the  
> incubator graduation.
> And a thanks to David Blevins for some hands on help at JavaOne.  
> I've been
> championing OpenEJB since pre 1.0, and have gotten back to it with  
> OpenEJB 3 and
> look forward to spreading the word on using OpenEJB 3 as the  
> reference for learning
> EJB 3. However...
> I have to second some of the issues posted here, a SNAPSHOT release  
> is badly needed
> (should have been a requirement for graduating IMO).
> Numerous maven issues abound (corrupt repository when building both  
> offline and
> online, issues with 2.0.6 vs 2.0.5...).  Then there's itest  
> failures when dns
> doesn't resolve correctly for the local machine (my machine used a  
> numeric name that
> caused lookup failures for cmp tests).  I've wasted a lot of time  
> with these and
> other issues - especially manually setting Eclipse projects to  
> build OpenEJB 3 in
> Eclipse as maven doesn't properly create them (doesn't expand the  
> library variable).
> And then there's the Java 6 compile errors...
> I'd suggest changing the following instructions on the website from:
>     $ cd openejb3
>     $ mvn clean install -Dassemble
> or alternatively when on Unix-like systems
>     $cd openejb3
>     $ mvn -o -Dmaven.{test,itest}.skip -Dassemble clean install
> to simply:
>     mvn -Dmaven.{test,itest}.skip -Dassemble clean install
> as it's unclear why you would want to build in offline mode  
> initially or to skip
> tests only on unix-like platforms.
> And you should probably add somewhere on that page that if you're  
> having problems,
> to clear the .m2 repository folder.
> I waited until after the graduation to see if perhaps some issues  
> would clear up but
> I'm currently still having build issues:
> java/org/apache/openejb/config/[108,17]
> package javax.jws does not exist
> I'm working on a how-to tutorial for Eclipse+OpenEJB and would like  
> to get past all
> these build issues and move on to helping out on the examples  
> initiative.
> thanks,
> Dario Laverde
> JUG leader -
>> I really want to be able to have a downloadable snapshot release. We
>> want to make it easy for people to download and extract a zipped file
>> and get started with openejb quickly. Downloading maven first, then
>> checking out the whole thing and building it and then extracting the
>> snapshot for usage is really not a very comfortable thought if
>> somebody had to try to use openejb. It would easily take more than  
>> 1.5
>> hours of somebody's time, before they can even start using  
>> openejb. On
>> top of that they will have to find the zip file from
>> openejb3\assembly\openejb-standalone\target directory. I dont think
>> this is very intuitive , even though it is well documented by  
>> Jacek on
>> the wiki.
>> Maybe we already have a link to the snapshot release, but I dont know
>> where to find it
>> I want to be able to add some documentation, so that if anybody  
>> wanted
>> to use openejb with eclipse, then they should be able to setup their
>> environment in a few minutes, provided they have downloaded eclipse
>> and openejb.  I would also like to provide some step by step kind of
>> docs to write a few ejb's in eclipse, deploy and test them in  
>> openejb.
>> My biggest hurdle at this point is Maven. I do not fully  
>> understand it
>> and cannot spend enough time on it  to be able to fix the problem
>> mentioned below:
>> If i run mvn -Dassemble clean install from root, filtering doesnt
>> work. however, if i simply run mvn from the openejb-standalone  
>> module,
>> filtering works fine. I did try to spend some time on it, but could
>> not spend too much time. One thing which i have learnt is that we  
>> need
>> to specify explicit versions of any plugins we are using in maven. In
>> future, maven is going to make it mandatory to specify explicit
>> versions, so it is going to be a good idea to adopt that strategy
>> right away.
>> May I also suggest that we do not use beta versions of plugins if  
>> they
>> have not been properly tested. Lets stick to the stable releases even
>> if we lose some cool functionality provided by the beta. We atleast
>> know that it works and will continue to work (unless some bug was
>> overlooked, but chances of that happening are lesser for stable than
>> beta versions)
>> MAVEN  and OPENEJB GURUS -- If you can point me in the right  
>> direction
>> to fix the above issue, that would be awesome!!. Once the above
>> problem is fixed, then if somebody can provide any guidance on how to
>> automatically link the snapshot release on the openejb website, that
>> would be a big help.
>> --
>> Karan Malhi

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