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From Miguel Lucero <Miguel.Luc...@apollogrp.edu>
Subject RE: Purge Service not working
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 19:42:06 GMT
Hey, Dan...

I had this issue with oozie in CDH3 and I think the recommendation is to upgrade to your version
:-). Our oozie instance wasn't purging records from WF_JOBS/WF_ACTIONS in our mysql instance
and the records started piling up. Everything in the config appeared to be correct also so
I attributed this to a possible bug in our version and ended up manually purging the records.
I just couldn't get the purge service to clear those jobs/actions out using any of the oozie
service settings...

One thing to keep in mind is that oozie won't clear out workflow jobs/actions that are still
associated with an actively running coordinator. If it's available to you, try killing and
restarting any long running coordinators you might have and in theory oozie should go through
and purge any of the associated wf jobs/actions. We tried this but could not get purge service
to function properly...

Try killing and restarting your coords to see if that triggers it... if it doesn't, then we
might be seeing a similar bug and I can post the query to truncate WF_JOBS/WF_ACTIONS that
I used as a workaround...


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From: Dan Richelson [mailto:drichelson@tendrilinc.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 3:33 PM
To: user@oozie.apache.org
Subject: Purge Service not working

I have Oozie CDH4 (3.1.x plus some patches) running using a local mysql datastore.

Here are the relevant properties pasted from the Oozie UI's System Info tab:

oozie.service.PurgeService.purge.limit 1000 oozie.service.PurgeService.coord.older.than 7
oozie.service.PurgeService.older.than 30 oozie.service.PurgeService.bundle.older.than 7 oozie.service.PurgeService.purge.interval

A search of Oozie logs shows no mention of the purge service kicking in, and I still have
over 10,000 workflow jobs showing up in the UI dating back 2+ months.

Any ideas on how to get the purge service to start purging?


Dan Richelson, Software Engineer

2560 55th St. | Boulder, Colorado 80301
M 303-709-2214

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