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From "Cheng, Cecilia S (388K)" <cecilia.s.ch...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: Two File Manager Questions
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 17:30:37 GMT
Hi Tim,

> B) Disallowed characters in product names?
>  My product names look like this:  "ALPSRP225250610-H1.0__A"  If I try to
> search for a product by name using a Lucene query through query_tool, the
> query breaks across the "_".  What I see in the log is:
> WARNING: Query: [q=Filename:ALPSRP154650650-H1.0 AND Filename:A] for Product
> Type: [urn:oodt:GenericFile] returned no results
> So it looks like the __ gets turned into an "AND".  What's the deal and how do
> I fix it?

The '_' in the product name works for us. See:

$ ./query_tool --url $FILEMGR_URL --lucene -query FILENAME:acos_qSnd_090627_04_Production_v050050_Sel2900_r05_111109172137i.txt

Maybe you can try putting single quotes around the file name. See:

$ ./query_tool --url $FILEMGR_URL --lucene -query FILENAME:'acos_qSnd_090627_04_Production_v050050_Sel2900_r05_111109172137i.txt'

-- cecilia

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