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From "Stough, Timothy M (388F)" <timothy.m.sto...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: crawler with unique action fails on first ingest
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 17:23:34 GMT
I ran into this too.  My solution was to add the ingest of blah.txt (blatantly stolen from
the quick-start) to my start-up scripts and just leave it in the catalog.

What are fmquery and fmdel?  I was wondering how to remove something from the catalog.


On Nov 18, 2011, at 4:55 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:

> Hey Ricky,
> I've ran into this a number of times myself and recently Paul Ramirez and I were talking
about this too. Paul even 
> said he would try and fix it (ha! I'm signing him up for work :P ). Actually I'll just
look at it myself.
> In the meanwhile, the workaround is exactly the one you stated. Ingest a file, that gets
you a catalog. Then, you can 
> simply delete the file if you want using fmquery | fmdel and then Unique works just fine.
> Cheers,
> Chris
> On Nov 18, 2011, at 4:52 PM, Nguyen, Ricky wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to run a crawler using "--actionIds Unique". Since this is the first
time I am ingesting a file into FileMgr, the user guide [1] says that the catalog dir MUST
NOT exist so that Lucene can create it. However, the crawler fails with the error:
>> IOException when opening index directory: [/Users/rnguyen/vpicu/data/catalog] for
search: Message: /Users/rnguyen/vpicu/data/catalog is not a directory
>> Seems like crawler is trying to search for a product (to determine it's uniqueness),
but the catalog hasn't been created yet. I guess since I have no catalog, the workaround is
to omit the "Unique" action.
>> But if I use crawler as a daemon, it would be useful to leave "Unique" as an action.
Any thoughts on the right course?
>> Thanks,
>> Ricky
>> [1] http://oodt.apache.org/components/maven/filemgr/user/basic.html
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