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From "Nguyen, Ricky" <rngu...@chla.usc.edu>
Subject MetadataBasedFileVersioner and custom metExtractor
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 20:20:07 GMT

My MetadataBasedFileVersioner can't see the met produced by my custom metExtractor

I've read OODT-72. That issue describes using the Versioner's calculated Reference to assign
Metadata (ver -> met). My issue is the opposite direction, using extracted Metadata in
the Versioner's Reference calculation.

For example, suppose my metExtractor assigns a value to the "MRN" element. Then I want my
versioner to create a datastore reference at "/[MRN]/[Filename]".

My product-types.xml (abbreviated):
<type name="CustomProdType"/>
  <versioner class="CustomMetBasedFileVersioner"/>
  <extractor class="CoreMetExtractor"/>
  <extractor class="MimeTypeExtractor"/>
  <extractor class="MRNExtractor"/>
  <extractor class="FinalFileLocationExtractor"/>

After I ingest the file, I dump the met (using MetadataDumper) and the product (using ProductDumper).
The met looks fine:

But the product reference doesn't:
<reference dataStore="file:/Users/rnguyen/vpicu/data/archive/MRN_null/null" orig="file:///Users/rnguyen/vpicu/components/filemgr/policy/cerner/vps_demog.csv"

Is this an issue? Or am I not using the components correctly? Is there a better way to achieve
what I want?


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