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From Chris Mattmann <mattm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Apache OODT 1.1 release, and other updates
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2017 23:34:52 GMT
FYI I updated the ZK-config branch with latest master.

I’ll try and (gulp) do the same with Avro branch. Wish me luck.


On 7/17/17, 3:52 PM, "Chris Mattmann" <mattmann@apache.org> wrote:

    Hey Folks,
    As you can probably tell by the SPAM in your emails, I have cleaned up JIRA (
    We now have 2 versions:
    1. 1.1 – all issues fixed, won’t fix, resolved, and/or pushed to 1.2. I went 
    through ALL OODT issues that were not resolved. This was a massive
    undertaking. I also committed patches, PRs, review boards, etc., that 
    were attached to open issues that I could get to work either cleanly (thank
    you to those who sent them), or with minor->medium effort. This is now
    done and integrated.
    2. 1.2 – anything I didn’t get to for 1.1 and that I think is actively being
    worked on this. This includes XML-RPC->Avro branch stuff, ZK/config
    stuff, and yes, Wengine. (some day I will finish this mark my words).
    I also stabilized the unit tests in Jenkins, so that it builds cleanly now and integration
    tests are working.
    I propose releasing 1.1 this week. I’m happy to RM it. If I don’t hear objections
in 24-48
    hours I will begin the release process.

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