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From "Mallder, Valerie" <Valerie.Mall...@jhuapl.edu>
Subject RE: OPSUI unexpected runtime exceptions
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2016 15:44:30 GMT
Ahhh, OK. Thanks Chris.  

I googled to find out what ganglia is.  We don't have ganglia installed on our systems and
I don't have root privileges to install that and all of the other packages it requires. (I
tried to, but I couldn't).   


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From: Chris Mattmann [mailto:chris.mattmann@gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016 5:42 PM
To: dev@oodt.apache.org
Subject: Re: OPSUI unexpected runtime exceptions

Hey Val,

These are both long standing OPSUI issues :)

The Configuration one - I never finished the web pages I was going to make for configuring
FM, WM and RM. I will try and find some time to do that.
There is an outstanding JIRA in there somewhere for it.

As for the GANGLIA_URL if you simply set the env variable GANGLIA_URL
*before* starting OPSUI and in the same shell environment that link will be populated correctly.
It needs to be replaced by some status page for the RM. Also something to work on.


Chris Mattmann

On 7/21/16, 2:15 PM, "Mallder, Valerie" <Valerie.Mallder@jhuapl.edu> wrote:

>Hi All,
>On the home page of the OPSUI (in OODT-1.0), there is a link called "Configuration" which
takes you to a page that has 4 tabs called "File Manager", "Workflow Manager", "Resource Manager"
and "PGE Configuration". The "File Manager" tab links to this very same page, so if you click
on it, you stay on that page.  But, when you click on each of the "Workflow Manager", "Resource
Manager" and "PGE Configuration" tabs you get an Unexpected RuntimeException with the message:
>WicketMessage: ITab.getPanel() returned null. TabbedPanel [15:tabs] 
>ITab index [3]
>So, I went hunting through the java code and I found that indeed each of these tabs are
coded to return 'null', as shown on lines 67, 82 and 97 of the file: pcs/opsui/src/main/java/org/apache/oodt/pcs/opsui/config/ConfigPage.java.
For some reason, I thought these links used to actually link to something rather than yield
an exception. I don't ever remember getting these exceptions before, but I could be remembering
it wrong since it's been a while since I've tried to bring up the OPSUI.  Are these tabs on
the ConfigPage stubbed out like this on purpose?
>I also noticed, on the home page, if you hover your mouse over the "Resource Manager"
link, you see the link is pointing to "localhost:8080/opsui/null" - and so you get another
Unexpected RuntimeException when you click on it.  So, I went hunting for that one too, and
I found on line 79 of pcs/opsui/src/main/java/org/apache/oodt/pcs/opsui/HomePage.java it has
put a hyperlink on the page that is supposed to point to the "ganglia url". I have no idea
what ganglia is, but I also I don't remember getting runtime exceptions from this link either.
I remember being able to view the resource manager page just fine (as long as I was running
the resource manager that is) in versions as far back as 0.8.
>So, I started looking in Jira, and I found OODT-669 "Make Resource Manager work without
Ganglia" which says it was fixed in version 0.7.    But, I don't see any corresponding Jira
issues called "Make OPSUI work without Ganglia".  :(
>Does anyone know how I can clear up these unexpected runtime exceptions 
>from OPSUI?  I'm trying to get it set up to use in our production 
>pipeline for the JEDI instrument on JUNO, and it doesn't look so good 
>to be getting exceptions like these.  Could I have something wring in 
>my configuration? I can guarantee you that GANGLIA_URL is set to null 
>because I have no idea what it :)

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