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From Tom Barber <tom.bar...@meteorite.bi>
Subject [Discuss] Planning for 1.0 -> 2.0
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2016 22:43:06 GMT
Hello there folks,

So I figured we might as well start a discussion about what we'd like OODT
2.0 to look like.

Personally I think there is a big bu0nch of cool stuff we could bring to
the platform that would extend and modernise it with minimal(ish) effort.

Personal Priority:

   - Merging the long lost Avro implementation to rid us of XMLRPC :)
   - Implement a Kafka pipeline under the hood for internal message passing
   - I mentioned this on the list a couple of weeks ago, implementing a
       message pub/sub platform would allow for multiple components to
      to a stream very easily, also it would allow us to persist messages for
      audit purposes, giving users traceability within the platform.
   - Revamp OpsUI with a Hue style interface
   - if you've never used Hue, personally, its what I believe Ops UI for
       OODT 2.0 should reflect (http://demo.gethue.com/) a central place
      where people can adminster a lot of the common functionality of
the system
      without dropping down into weird scripts etc, and just nice and user
   - Integrate new Curator tool
   - We have a new curator tool written by Mike Starch, its a great way of
      ingesting data graphically and we'll look at getting it into OODT shortly
   - Horizontal scale out capabilities
   - Again, going back to a requirement I had earlier in the year, in my
      case specifically around File Manager, but it should work across
the board,
      adding more file managers in different locations should work well  and
      scale out nicely without any scripting or hacks to make it work.

Nice to haves:

   - Improved workflows with CommonWL and other workflow additions
   - Integrating with other workflows would be cool and help bring in a
      more diverse userbase.
   - Much improved REST interfaces
   - Lets rid ourselves of Wicket and get some proper REST stuff in that
      allows users to create new UI's easily and modify existing UI's to fit a
      purpose. Of course  REST interfaces can be hit programattically
and by non
      Java based programs which benifits other people.
   - Depreciate of older modules
   - There's a lot of  stuff in OODT, lets give it a spring clean!
   - Centralised Config with Gossip/Zookeeper
   - Sort of in line with the horizontal scale, but to make it really
      seamless, it would be great to use Gossip or ZK to centralise
      configurations so that when new nodes are added everyone is
aware, or when
      stuff fails, leader election etc!

Thats my list off the top of my head, there will certainly be more,  add
your own and we'll try and come up with a roadmap.

I'm very interested to hear from users like Val, who have a more objective
opinion of OODT :)



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