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From Tom Barber <tom.bar...@meteorite.bi>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Planning for 1.0 -> 2.0
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 12:08:54 GMT
Oh and I want to finish off that website template I started and get an
improved and easier to maintain website launched!


On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 11:43 PM, Tom Barber <tom.barber@meteorite.bi>

> Hello there folks,
> So I figured we might as well start a discussion about what we'd like OODT
> 2.0 to look like.
> Personally I think there is a big bu0nch of cool stuff we could bring to
> the platform that would extend and modernise it with minimal(ish) effort.
> Personal Priority:
>    - Merging the long lost Avro implementation to rid us of XMLRPC :)
>    - Implement a Kafka pipeline under the hood for internal message
>    passing
>    - I mentioned this on the list a couple of weeks ago, implementing a
>        message pub/sub platform would allow for multiple components to subscribe
>       to a stream very easily, also it would allow us to persist messages for
>       audit purposes, giving users traceability within the platform.
>    - Revamp OpsUI with a Hue style interface
>    - if you've never used Hue, personally, its what I believe Ops UI for
>        OODT 2.0 should reflect (http://demo.gethue.com/) a central place
>       where people can adminster a lot of the common functionality of the system
>       without dropping down into weird scripts etc, and just nice and user
>       friendly.
>    - Integrate new Curator tool
>    - We have a new curator tool written by Mike Starch, its a great way
>       of ingesting data graphically and we'll look at getting it into OODT shortly
>    - Horizontal scale out capabilities
>    - Again, going back to a requirement I had earlier in the year, in my
>       case specifically around File Manager, but it should work across the board,
>       adding more file managers in different locations should work well  and
>       scale out nicely without any scripting or hacks to make it work.
> Nice to haves:
>    - Improved workflows with CommonWL and other workflow additions
>    - Integrating with other workflows would be cool and help bring in a
>       more diverse userbase.
>    - Much improved REST interfaces
>    - Lets rid ourselves of Wicket and get some proper REST stuff in that
>       allows users to create new UI's easily and modify existing UI's to fit a
>       purpose. Of course  REST interfaces can be hit programattically and by non
>       Java based programs which benifits other people.
>    - Depreciate of older modules
>    - There's a lot of  stuff in OODT, lets give it a spring clean!
>    - Centralised Config with Gossip/Zookeeper
>    - Sort of in line with the horizontal scale, but to make it really
>       seamless, it would be great to use Gossip or ZK to centralise
>       configurations so that when new nodes are added everyone is aware, or when
>       stuff fails, leader election etc!
> Thats my list off the top of my head, there will certainly be more,  add
> your own and we'll try and come up with a roadmap.
> I'm very interested to hear from users like Val, who have a more objective
> opinion of OODT :)
> Thanks
> Tom

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